Hardlock Nut


The ultimate locking nut that well integrates bolt Bolt & Nut


The HARDLOCK Nut boasts superior resistance to loosening caused by vibrations compared to any other fastener or locking nut available in the market. We've been around for 20 years in North America, including Canada. It has stood out as the top choice for engineers not only in Japan but also in the UK and throughout the EU.

Features of Hardlock Nut

Reusable without reduction in performance!

Full torque management and completely fastened even with ZERO (0) clamp load!

Available in various materials and surface treatments tailored to the environment!

No special tools required for installation!

The HLB Hardlock Bearing Nut was developed with the same wedge design as the HLN Hardlock Nut and maintains an extremely effective self-locking effect. This powerful effect ensures a fully tightened state even during high-speed rotation, vibration, forward and reverse rotation and impact. We guarantee significant cost savings since it is maintenance-free.

Locking Mechanism

HARDLOCK NUT consists of two nuts, the first nut "Convex

Nut" G)(clamping nut) has a truncated protrusion arranged

off-centre on the upper surface.

The second nut "Concave Nut" Q) (locking nut) is designed

with a concentric conical recess for locking the two

nuts together.

By tightening the concave nut onto the convex nut, a strong perpendicular load will be applied to the bolt from both sides.


Thermal Power Plant – U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly
Flange joints of a Cone Crusher
GM Daewoo SUV Wagon – Recall
Vale Itabira Coal Mine – Haver Vibration Screens
High Ceiling LED Lighting Fixtures
Snare Drums – Maintenance Free Lug Nut / Bolt
Electric Scooters – Front Fork Connections
Highway / Train Noise Barrier- Anchor Bolts