Inspection Services


SORSYS Inspection Services: Quick, Cost-Effective, and Expert Sorting

SORSYS offers sorting and inspection services for all your parts. Our high-tech machines make sure every piece meets your needs. Plus, we do everything right here in our own facility.

Exploring the RT Series Inspection Machine (One of Our Inspection Machines): A Video Walkthrough

What We Offer:

Expert Inspection and Sorting: Our top-notch machines quickly find any problems, making sure every part is just right.

Pack It Up, Mark It Up: After checking, we pack everything based on your instructions and label it for easy tracking.

We Stick to the Rules: Our checks are in line with the best standards, tailored to what you need.

Fair Pricing: Costs are clear and based on how complex the sorting is and how many parts you have.

Big Capacity: We can handle 10,000 to 15,000 parts each day, so you get your parts back fast.

Why Choose In-House Services?

Speedy Turnaround: Get your parts sorted and back faster with our in-house process.

Save on Costs: Cut down on what you spend on labor by letting our experts do the sorting.

Leave It to the Pros: Our team knows exactly what to look for, so you get the best quality.

More Room for You: Free up space at your place for more production. We'll handle the sorting.

We Inspect a Variety of Parts & Defects: Machining, Diecasting, Stamping, Springs, and Plastic Injected Parts.

Defects including but not limited to: Missing features (e.g., threads ID and OD), burrs, chips, contamination, oversize and undersize issues, surface damage (dent, scratch, hit mark, saw mark), poor fill in diecast parts, discoloration, and mixed parts.